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Graphic Designing

This course introduces students to graphic design as a form of visual communication through the use of type, image, form, and color. Projects explore design processes in two and three dimensions, visual identity and communication, thematic structure and hierarchy, creative problem solving, and basic design practice of critiques and discussion.

Course Outline

Coral Draw

  • Getting Started
    • Opening CorelDraw

      Exploring the screen

      Using dialogue boxes

      Working with roll-ups

      Setting preferences

      Setting up the page

      Creating a new drawing

      Moving Around & Viewing

      Moving around the current page

      Previewing the current page

      Viewing in Wireframe Mode

      Changing pages

  • Selecting & Manipulating Objects
    • Selecting & Deselecting Objects

      Moving Objects

      Copying & Deleting Objects

      Sizing Objects

      Drawing & Shaping Objects

      Location of the Drawing Tools

      The Pencil Tool

      Drawing Lines

      Drawing Polygons

      Reshaping Lines & Polygons

      Drawing Curves

      Reshaping Curves

      Drawing Rectangles

      Drawing Circles

      Reshaping Rectangles & Circles

      Arranging Objects

      Arranging Objects

      Ordering Objects

      Grouping & Ungrouping Objects

      Using Guidelines

      Using Grids

      Using Snap To

      Aligning Objects

      Working with Text

      The Text Tool

      Creating Artistic Text

      Editing Text

      Creating Paragraph Text

      Choosing Paragraph Options

      Setting Text Defaults

      Outlining & Filling Objects

      The Outline Tool

      Choosing Outline Thickness

      Choosing Outline Colours

      The Fill Tool

      Filling Objects

      Setting Outline & Fill Defaults

      Using Symbols & Clipart

      Adding Symbols

      Adding Clipart

      Using Mosaic Roll-up

      Using Transform Roll-up

      Special Effects

      Fitting Text to a Path

      Blending 2 Objects

      Extruding an Object

      Shaping and Object with an Envelope

      Exporting Drawings

      Exporting Drawing


      Printing a Drawing

      Choosing Print Options

      Keyboard Shortcuts

      Using shortcuts

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Lesson 1: Navigating the Workspace

    • The Menu Bar

      The Status Bar

      The Toolbox

      The Palettes



  • Lesson 2: Working with Documents
    • Navigator Palette & Hand Tool

      New View & Duplicate

      Image Size & Resolution

      Image Size Dialog Box

      Resizing Practice

      Canvas Size

      Crop Tool

      Crop Tool Practice

      Additional Crop Tool Practice [for v6.0 only]

      History Palette Basics

      Saving Images


      Homework Assignment

  • Lesson 3: Image Modes & Color Selection
    • Color Primer

      The Color Picker

      Color & Swatch Palettes

      Custom Swatch Exercise

      Eyedropper & Info Palette

      Review & Assignment

  • Lesson 4: Selections and Masks
    • Marquee Selection Tools

      Lasso & Wand Selection Tools

      Selection Tool Practice

      Select Menu Commands

      Transforming Selections

      Quick Mask Mode

      More Quick Mask

      Alpha Channels & Channel Palette

      Mask/Selection Practice Exercises

  • Lesson 5: Layers and Blend Modes
    • Intro to Layers

      The Layers Palette [V5.x] [V6.x]

      Important Layer Information

      Move, Copy & Transform Layers

      Advanced Layer Features

      Layers Review

  • Lesson 6: Adding and Working with Type
    • Working With Type Introduction

      The Type Tool (v.5.x)

      The Type Tool – Continued (v.5.x)

      The Type Tool (v6.x)

      The Type Tool – Continued (v6.x)

      Type Palettes and Text Warping (v6.x)

      Type Tool Exercises 1-5

      Type Tool Exercises 6-10 and Homework

  • Lesson 7: Painting Tools
    • Intro, Paint Bucket and Fill Command

      Gradient, Pattern and Line Tools

      Brushes and Fade Command

      Pencil, Paintbrush and Airbrush Tools

      Eraser Tools

      Painting Exercises: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

  • Lesson 8: Retouching Tools
    • Retouching Tools Intro & Tips

      Blur, Sharpen, Smudge

      Dodge, Burn, Sponge

      Clone Stamp, History Brush, Art History Brush

      Retouching Exercises: 1&2 3 4&5 6&7 8 9 10


  • Flash Animations

  • Chapter 1: A Quick Flash Demo
    • Introducing the Flash Interface
       Adding Elements to the Stage
       Duplicating Library Items
       Introducing Keyframes, the Transform Tool & Tweening
       Creating Animations
       Adding Audio, Swapping Symbols & Testing a Movie
       Using Graphic Symbols
       Combining Animations into One Project
       Creating & Arranging Buttons
       Adding & Labeling Action Keyframes
       Adding Behaviors to Buttons
       Using the Publish Preview Command

  • Chapter 2: Meet Flash: Fundamentals
    • Navigating the Stage Area
      Accessing & Organizing Panels
      Saving, Exporting & Testing
      Selecting a Flash Player Version for a New Project
      Introducing Layers
      Creating New Layers & Moving Items Between Layers
      Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts & Locking Layers
      Using Outline Mode, Layer Folders & Properties

  • Chapter 3: Drawing with Vectors
    • Comparing Vectors & Bitmaps
      Working with the Pen Tool
      Drawing a Heart Shape with the Pen Tool
      Where to Put Points & How Far to Drag Handles
      Practicing Your Vector Drawing Skills

  • Chapter 4: Flash Natural Drawing Tools
    • Setting Up the Drawing Preferences
      Exploring the Pencil Tool Options
      Using the Line & Paint Bucket Tools
      Distinguishing Between Strokes & Fills
      Modifying Vectors Using the Selection Tool
      Snapping & Modifying Curves with the Selection Tool
      Altering Drawings with the Selection Options
      Using the Brush & Paint Bucket Tools to Fill
      Painting Using the Various Brush Modes
      Working with a Stylus & a Tablet
      Drawing with the Rectangle Tool
      Drawing with the Oval Tool
      Drawing with the PolyStar Tool
      Working with the Eye Dropper Tool
      Working with the Ink Bottle Tool
      Working with the Eraser Tool

  • Chapter 5: Advanced Vector Drawing
    • Intersecting Shapes within a Single Layer
      Using the Selection Tool
      Creating Complex Shapes with Intersecting Lines
      Combining Tools to Create Detailed Curves
      Vector Drawing Techniques
      Grouping Vector Shapes
      Editing the Contents of a Group
      Creating & Arranging Groups
      Object-Based Drawing

  • Chapter 6: Setting Colors in Flash
    • Introducing Advanced Color Selection
      Working with the Color Mixer
      Creating Transparency & Sampling Colors
      Using the Color Swatches Palette
      Applying & Stylizing Strokes
      Adjusting Cap, Join & Other Stroke Properties
      Applying & Transforming Gradients
      Saving & Locking Gradients
      Choosing a Gradient Overflow
      Adding Transparency to a Gradient

  • Chapter 7: Bitmaps in Flash
    • Importing Files to the Stage & Library
      File Compression Settings, Size Report & Use Count
      Compressing Individual Files
      Importing an Image with a Transparent Background
      Using Trace Bitmap to Change a Background to Vectors
      Changing a Foreground Item to Vectors
      Using the Optimize Curves Command
      Grouping an Image & Using the Transform Tools
      Performing Transformations Numerically
      Working with the Free Transform Options
      Working with Bitmap Fills inside a Vector Shape
      Using the Break Apart Command & the Magic Wand Tool

  • Chapter 8: Using Text in Flash
    • Auto-Sizing, Auto-Wrapping & Selecting Text
      Changing a Font, Picking a Color & Checking Spelling
      Using Rulers, Guides, Grids & Snapping
      Aligning, Distributing & Spacing Text
      Working with Device Fonts
      Editing Files with Missing Fonts
      Anti-Aliasing Text for Better Quality & Readability
      Paragraph & Character Formatting
      Using Text as a Design Element
      Text on a Path, Guide Layers & the Transform Panel

  • Chapter 9: Symbols
    • Introducing Symbols
      Creating & Reusing a Symbol
      Editing a Symbol in Place
      Editing a Symbol in the Library
      Modifying an Instance of a Symbol
      Nesting Elements inside a Symbol
      Adjusting the Color & Opacity of a Symbol
      Deconstructing & Reordering Symbol Parts
      Taking Advantage of Logically Ordered Layers
      Organizing the Library
      Looking at Symbols as a Movie inside of a Movie

  • Chapter 10: Symbol Effects: Filters & Blends
    • Applying Fader Gradients
      Adding Text & Graphics to a Background
      Converting Text to Symbols
      Using Drop Shadows with Text
      Using Drop Shadows with Symbols
      Applying the Blur Filter to Text & Symbols
      Customizing Glow & Bevel
      Disabling Filters & Using the Gradient Bevel Filter
      Stacking Order & Other Filters & Settings
      Saving & Using Filter Presets
      Understanding Blend Modes
      Using the Normal, Darken & Multiply Blend Modes
      Using the Lighten & Screen Blend Modes
      Using the Overlay & Hard Light Blend Modes
      Using the Add, Subtract, Difference & Invert Blends
      Building a Mask without Blend Modes
      Building a Mask Using Alpha, Blend & Layer Modes

  • Swish

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