UCAT - University College of Advanced Technologies

Marketing is an important function that brings companies and clients closer to each other.  This program introduces you to the crucial role that marketing plays in business development.

This program is divided into three levels: Level 4 Diploma, Level 5 Diploma and Level 6 Diploma.

Level 4 Diploma Units

Introduction to Business

Introduction to Marketing

Introduction to Quantitative Methods

Introduction to Business Communication

Level 5 Diploma Compulsory Units

Marketing policy, Planning and Communication

The Business Environment

Organisational Behaviour

Managing the Customer Relationship

Principles of Marketing

Marketing Information Systems

Optional Units (Choose two units)

Principles of Business Law

Quantitative Methods for Business Management

Sales Management

Economics for Business

Level 6 Diploma Compulsory Units

International Marketing

Contemporary Issues in Marketing

Integrated Marketing Communications

Strategic Marketing Management

Optional Units (Choose one unit)

Corporate Strategy and Planning

Project Management